Certified Professional Life Coach
Are you an emotional eater?

Do you eat for reasons other than hunger?

Do you use food to cope with life, be it stress, sadness, happiness or anger?

Do you continue to eat even when you feel full?

Can you imagine a life free from food obsession? A life that is not focused on food, calories,
and diets but instead lets you trust in your body both physically and mentally. Not possible you
say? Oh, but it is possible!

Through life coaching you can learn to make peace with your body and let go of all the
negative thought patterns. You can get your inner voice and power back. You have all the
answers within you and together we can create a healthy and balanced way of thinking about
food, your body, and all the challenges that life can throw at you. You can make that change,
trust your inner voice, and give yourself a new weigh of life!

Cathy King has her Master's of Science in Counseling and is a Certified Professional Life
Coach. Certification received through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching